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4ELEMENTS UNITED LLC (4E) is a leading provider of environmental technologies for both residential and industrial applications. 4E was found in 2015, offering novel solutions to make our lives safe, healthy, and sustainable. 4E commits to provide sincere services of design & engineering, residential, commercial & industrial living space consultancy, and operation & maintenance.


As an expert in environmental sustainability, 4E considers Mother Nature in terms of four elements: water, sun, air and land. And 4E enlightens people on how to become ecologically conscious by introducing innovative solutions of the experienced global organizations.


Today 4E's enlightening is delivering to the GCC and beyond to MENA.



Let’s make our Earth sustainable with benefits of environmental technologies!



Make your life safer, healthier, more

enjoyable and more life-enhancing!

What We Do Best


Kubota Johkasou System On-Site Sewage Treatment Plant

Kubota now unveils a package incorporating its advanced water treatment engineering expertise, which has been refined through many years of experience in building water treatment plants. Optimal water treatment solutions are available in locations and in sizes customers require. Kubota’s “plant package” is sure to serve as the key concept of combined wastewater treatment tanks.


K-RAIN Irrigation System

K-Rain persists in leading the industry globally with new developments in rotor and nozzle engineering. The intelligent flow technology is the only rotor of its type to significantly reduce water waste by regulating flow and distance proportionately and simultaneously.


OAS Ozonation System

Founded in Sweden by Andrew Piggo in 1994, OAS has been designing and manufacturing advanced Ozone generators and systems. As an expert in ozone solutions, OAS is committed to implementing Ozone technology for environmentally positive solutions at both water treatment

and gaseous applications.

Air Purification System

Odor & mold control by Japanese solutions.  Various air pollutions are now deodorized and sanitized.


4Elements United LLC



Muna Noor International Group

First Floor, Ghala Industrial Estate

Block Number 260, Way 6042, Muscat

Sultanate of Oman



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