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Johkasou: Japan’s Advanced On-site Wastewater Treatment

To meet the water treatment needs in the Middle 
East, 4ELEMENTS has committed itself to offering 
optimal water treatment solutions by utilizing all
the technologies, and expertise available.

Customers, who are dedicated to building 
environmentally friendly communities and 
lifestyles for befitting the 21st century, choose 

Tank for Purifying

Johkasou is a sophisticated treatment system that uses 
anaerobic, aerobic and disinfectant processes to render
blackwater (that bears human excreta) and/or greywater 
(from kitchens and sinks) relatively harmless and clean.
Johkasou system was introduced in Japan in 1911 and 
developed rapidly in 1960s to meet the high demand for
clean water.


Difference between Septic Tank and Johkasou

In many countries, septic tanks as anaerobic
digesters are still built for domestic wastewater
treatment. Johkasou uses Japanese original
method, which combines aerobic, anaerobic,
filtration, and disinfection treatments while both
anaerobic and aerobic bacteria are cultivated
naturally in Johkasou Ecosystem


Water Re-Use

Treated Effluent from Kubota 
Johkasou is very safe to be used for irrigation.  Please follow the

local regulations.


Only devices approved by Japanese government under Johkasou Law can be called "Johkasou." Kubota Johkasou System tanks are 
registered at Haya. 


More information about Kubota Johkasou System

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