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Muna Noor Group

Muna Noor Group is a leading Engineering Solutions Provider across a number of sectors. The Group was founded in the 1970s by Brian Ritchie and his wife, Maryam Zawawi. Mr Ritchie spent 25 years in India with Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI India) before forming the group here in Oman. 


The ethos from the start was to build capability through intellectual capital. Building upon this, Muna Noor Group has been recruiting the best from Oman and overseas. We have worked hard to develop young talent in Oman, recruiting from the best educated overseas and locally. We have developed relationships with several top education institutions in Oman from where we recruit, train and develop engineers and other graduates. A network established over many years also gives us access to top quality staff from across the world. We are truly a multinational environment where capability and performance are the only drivers. 


We have also developed an enviable portfolio of leading technology partners from around the world who work with us to bring the best and most appropriate technology solutions to the Oman market. We are actively seeking out new partners as and when new requirements are identified. From Japan to the USA, we have relationships for the right solutions. 


Our focus is to bring the best people, technology and execution to our clients’ needs.

Our Companies

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