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Environmental Engineering Services LLC is a leading organization in the field of Water and Wastewater services with over 37 years history in Oman.

We offer complete in-house solutions to a wide range of customers for their needs in Water and Wastewater treatment for Design, Build, Install, Operate and Maintain with a team of over 175 people.

Our customers includes both Private and Government organizations such as Crowne Plaza Hotel Muscat, Masirah Island Resort, Oman Chips, Haya Water, Ministry of Health, Royal Oman Police, Oman Cement to name a few.


We offer a wide range of products in association with leading Technology/Product partners around the world. Our association includes M/s. Flovac - The Netherlands, Anlet - Japan, SCM Technologies - Italy, ecoTechnic - Austria as a few examples.


We also offer a range of environmental solutions in the oil and gas sector. We have partnered with Eco-Logic Environmental Engineering Inc, to provide a range of solutions that offer environmental clean-up as well as oil recovery. The solutions are tried and tested and offer companies in the sector with options to meet their growing environmental responsibilities.



Conserving the environment for Oman’s current and future generations.



Dedicated professionals leading the industry by:

  • Providing high-quality treatment for high-quality water.

  • Rethinking wastewater through innovative solutions.

  • Providing solutions to reduce / rewind the environmental impact of the oil and gas sector.

  • Bringing forward innovative technology solutions that are cost effective and deliver results.

What We Do Best

Reverse Osmosis Plants

At Environmental Engineering Services LLC (EES) our reverse osmosis solutions can be added to both small and large treatment facilities and tailored to suit heavy or continuous service, with varying capacities.


Vacuum Sewer Treatment

Flovac is a unique sewerage system that uses differential air pressure to clear sewage. It is ideal in rocky areas or areas where there is a high water table in that it requires a maximum of 1.5 m trenching only. It is also well suited to a hot desert environment. Flovac is a relatively maintenance-free system, with a 20-year warranty on the vacuum valves.


Sewage Treatment Systems

At EES, we design, build, supply, erect and commission sewerage systems and sewage treatment plants, using the latest wastewater technologies that are energy efficient, easy to manage and environmentally friendly.


Analytical Laboratory

The Analytical laboratory of EES was established in February 1985. It is established to support the Sewage and drinking water analysis of the MRM & WR plants managed by us. It is a fully equipped laboratory with qualified staff carrying out the analysis as per the APHA standard.  EES uses most advanced equipment to analyze Domestic Sewage, Industrial Wastewater and Drinking water and we continually strive to improve our standards ensuring a safe and clean environment to families and communities.


Waste Incineration Plants

EES offers a range of high-combustion incineration technologies. Waste incineration is a very effective way of reducing waste – by up to 95% – reducing the demand for landfill space. Incineration plants can be located close to the area of service, thus reducing the cost of waste transportation.


Water Quality Testing

Water issues are becoming extremely pressing worldwide, particularly in Oman. Increases in population and production have led to increased water use, creating a parallel rise in the production of wastewater. This increase in water use and wastewater requires more efficient testing and removal of by-products and pollutants.

List of Products under Sole Agency Agreements


Environmental Engineering Services LLC

Muna Noor International Group

First Floor, Ghala Industrial Estate

Block Number 260, Way 6042, Muscat

Sultanate of Oman

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