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Gas & Liquid Chromatography

SciTech, through our principal Agilent, provides the broadest selection of gas chromatography (GC) and High Performance Liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems, support and supplies in the industry.

These advance systems raise the standard, exceed your needs and meet required performance with their reliability, accuracy and precision, backed by our after-sales support.

Agilent chromatography systems combine innovative technology, Instrument Intelligence, and legendary reliability to meet the needs of analytical testing and research laboratories across a broad range of applications.


Mass Spectrometry

Through our principal Agilent, SciTech is proud to offer world-leading products in mass spectrometry, with powerful, reliable MS solutions for diverse areas, such as pharmaceutical, environmental, forensic and metabolomic applications, food safety,  proteomic analysis and clinical research.


The Mass Spectroscopy portfolio includes GC/MS, GC-Triple Quad MS, GC-Q-TOF, LC/MS, LC-Triple Quad MS, LC-Q-TOF, ICP-MS and Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS.

The Agilent MS family of instruments  provides the efficiency, flexibility, and robust performance that modern analytical laboratories require.


X-ray Fluorescence &

X-ray Diffraction

SciTech, with the support of our principal Bruker, provides leading technology in X-ray fluorescence (XRF) & X-ray diffraction (XRD) which are technically advanced, versatile and cost-effective.


XRF is one of the simplest, accurate, non-destructive analytical methods for the determination of the elemental composition of most types of materials.

XRD is one of the most important non-destructive tools to analyse all kinds of matter – ranging from fluids, to powders and crystals. 


Elemental Analysis For Organic And Inorganic Materials

From our Principal LECO, who being the authority in the elemental determination by combustion/fusion in organic and inorganic materials, SciTech offers a diversified range of technologically advanced analytical instruments for CHNOS analyser, Thermogravimetric (TGA) Analyser, Calorimeter for precise and accurate measurements.

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